FinePoints Bookkeeping School

Starting a business is overwhelming. Let me come alongside you to help! Watch my free Beginner Bookkeepers Masterclass to get started.

Hi, I'm Morgan

I started my bookkeeping business in 2013 when I decided I wanted an ultra-flexible job. I love helping small businesses organize their finances.

Mentoring bookkeepers and helping them get started is also my passion. In 2019, I began my YouTube channel to share my expertise with others. I do my best to keep things concise, action-oriented and welcoming.

Courses at Your Own Pace!

I wouldn't have had the confidence to start my business without the encouragement of my mentor. Let me be that person for you!

These courses will give you clear, concise action steps on how to get started as a bookkeeper. You'll learn how to gain and onboard new clients and understand how to navigate Quickbooks.

I've simplified the getting-started process so you can get going on a career you will love!

Benefits to Bookkeeping

  • Work from home with an incredibly flexible schedule 
  • High earning potential and low overhead
  • An advanced degree is not necessary
  • Fantastic job security
  • Satisfaction in providing an essential service to other business owners